Having over 10 years of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) architecture and development including enterprise-level environments with PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, Web Services (SOAP & REST), Web Environments, AJAX, MVC frameworks like Code Igniterand Zend. Expertise in Content Management Systems (CMS), with an in depth knowledge and experience of Wordpress Codex, Plug in development, and theme migration with contributions to respository.

Work Experience

Consultant / Consulting Firm
Sep 2001 - Current

Developed and implemented a fast track development for iOS development using the Interface HD iPad screen development app and the web services to Xcode tool for the development of the following apps available on the App store:

- Cross Mobile Platform Development using Intel XDK with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript to develop iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps from a single code based and deploy properly signed aps to their respective app stores. Check my linkedin account for App Store distributions using OpenGL and QTKit.
- Travel Search Sites –,,,
- Travel Itinerary Algorithm – unique algorithm to minimize multi-leg travel while maximizing savings

Additional Duties:

- Web site modifications for a YouTube-clone with support for FFMPEG/PHP and the codec’s support video conversion to Flash. Build, compiled ffmpeg support on Debian Linux server.
- Responsible for the administration, maintenance, management, deployment of multiple serves (Linux & Windows 2003 Server) on a Tier-1 backbone.
- Develop an Accounting Application Framework based on the GAAP principles incorporating balance sheets, ledger, journals, etc.
- Developed several Iphone/IPad universal apps using Cocoa, iOS, Objective-C, Xcode and Interface Builder.
- Hiring manager for creating job listings, interviewing, compensation negotiations, and final hiring decision.
- Supervising and mentoring up to 10 direct staff and managers
- Strategic planning in new product/service development, revitalizing existing business processes to become more profitable and cost effective.
- Increase employee loyalty and commitment to the firm
- LAMP Administration

Additional Client-neutral Duties:

- Supervisor/Team Lead
- Added back end PHP/MySQL code to preexisting HTML/CSS/PSD templates.

Sr Software Engineer / Television Network
2015 - 2015

Architect and Design new employee intranet using Wordpress as the baseline, that includes colaborating content from the different brands and departments (History Channel, Lifetime, etc.) Team/Tech Lead to revamp development process in more streamline agile process.

Sr Software Engineer / Healthcare Firm
2014 - 2014

Maintenance and customization of their Wordpress theme for Transparency Compliance which are responsible for medical professional HIPAA reporting. This integration of Wordpress utilizes AWS services in meeting the requirements. Implementing SOAP Services for PHID lookup.

Sr Software Engineer / Legal Technology Provider
2013 - 2013

Architect a WPMU cluster environment for improving load performance on a 5000+ site installation, which includes custom plugin development, fixing existing plugins. Developed PHP extension development to move functionality to the CPU Core level. Additionally successful mitigated a DDOS attack. Other maintenance duties. Fixed a previous upgrade issue.

Sr Software Engineer / Global Advertising Firm
2012 - 2012

SDLC Web Architecture and development of their Global Internet infrastructure which is built on LAMP (with PHP/MySQL) and Wordpress CMS that includes an automatic global synchronization/propagation process across 287 client sites. The global host WP site resides in NY and when a custom post type known as Global Post is made to NY, this post is automatically propagated to the all the clients without user intervention. Architect and coded a web services library extension for Wordpress using SOAP/JSON with authentication to provide the global content synchronization. Coded the widgets for integration with the aggregation service to provide profile matching/related and geographical matching news content. Coded the theme migration from PSD files. Architect and coded an installation script for the new theme and dependency plugins including a private plugin repository. To accomplished this required a deep understanding of the WP codex and architecture as well as enterprise architecture

Sr Software Engineer / Wall Street Trading Firm
2011 - 2011

Web Architecture and development for their clustered environment that includes NGINX acting as a load balancer, a cluster of Apache servers, MySQL Master-Slave (with HyperDB) and Memcache distributive caching aka in a High Availability environment with over 20,000 visitors per day increasing on important financial news days. This project prompted the authoring of the book, “Wordpress for High Availability.” Typical WP page load times are 3 seconds, page load times were reduced down to 72 milliseconds using this clustered environment. This involved developing a custom caching plugin that included both Memcache with a File cache failover, as the existing caching solution are not true caching. True caching is defined as during a cache transaction, no database activity occurs and all page rendering is derived from Memcache content. Challenges include identifying the correct Memcache connectivity (there are three methods of accessing Memcache) as well as properly handling moderated comments and comment authors. A testing environment consisted on VM as well as external VPS running Memcache Server.

Sr Software Engineer / Financial Monitoring and Advisory Service
2011 - 2011

Web Architecture and development for migration of the recently acquired from ASP to WP. Though not in a clustered environment, uses Memcache. Development of custom plugin to provide the seamless importing of stories from the Yellowbrix service as new posts many author and content integrity. Developing a custom plugin to handle redirects from old URL’s to the new permalinks without using or including additional rules in the htaccess as this was not an option. The implementation permitted the user to enter regular expression queries for URL pattern matching to perform the redirects.

Sr Software Engineer / NY Insurance Firm
2010 - 2010

Web Architecture and development of the Personal Advisor web-based OMS for Equity and Mutual Fund trading by FINRA registered agents in a LAMP and Code Igniter framework (Symphony is similar to code ignitor) using SOAP web services to trade execution and portfolio retrieval to the NF Trading servers. Personal Advisor is now the second high grossing revenue maker for the firm.

Licensed Taxi Driver / NY Taxi Company
2008 - 2008

Drove part time for Yellow Cab in New York during a fixed 12 hour shift. A unique experience. Checkout my latest book on "My Experiences as an Uber Driver," at

Driver / Pizza & Courier Delivery
1985 - 1989

Deliver Pizza's and serve as a courier driver in South Florida, Checkout my latest book on "My Experiences as an Uber Driver," at

Licensed Taxi Driver / South Florida
1984 - 1984

Drove for Metro and Yellow cab in South Florida. This was before GPS was available and cell phones were affordable. I gain my navigation skills during this employment tenure. Checkout my latest book on "My Experiences as an Uber Driver," at


Florida International University

Bachelor's Degree

During my last year, I also instructed Electrical Engineering classes as a full tenured Adjunct Professor. More information about FIU can be found at

Creditibility & Proof

Mobile Apps

My active list of Mobile Apps available on AppStore, PlayStore, Windows Phone Store and Amazon AppStore. The release date is the date of first released and may not coincide across all the app stores.


My published publications on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Back at FIU, I was hired as Adjunct Professor, based on my writing skills, to help improve the students writing ability. Fast forward to 2013, I discovered Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, permitting an independent author, like myself, to enter the self publishing marketing without startup costs. In 2016, I have placed my publications for sale on Barnes & Noble.


My open source contributions. Using Jira on Github, also provides a support forum for users of my open software.


As a hobby, I produce independent films and stage plays. A link to my IMDB page.